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Corwin Fox is a Canadian songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who has been hailed as “a shining light in Canadian roots music” by Doug Cox (artistic director, Vancouver Island Music Festival).  Known as much for his studio expertise as his live show, Corwin has toured extensively across Canada, the U.S. and Australia performing his songs on banjo, guitar and ukelele. He has played venues and festivals large and small, some by himself, some with his band Morlove, and some with such luminaries as Fred Penner, Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long, Alex Cuba, Kim Barlow and Raghu Lokanathan. Corwin also has a new duo with Raghu called The Chimney Swallows.

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CD Reviews of Albums Released by Corwin Fox

He Remembers What I Forgot               Review by John Threlfall  •  Monday Magazine

If you're keeping track of local singer-songwriter/ producer/recording artist Corwin Fox (and if you're a neo-folk fan, you should be), this dandy six-track release is the second EP (following last year's Tiger) since his last outstanding full-lenth, 2005's Dream Water Rain Music. A gentle and curiously compelling mix of instrumentals and vocal tracks, He Remembers sounds much like the kind of trippy, dreamy music box funky parents would love to find for their children. These are simple tunes with haunting melodies, hushed vocals, crisp guitar lines and some undeniably intentional plinky-plunky instrumentation that almost begs the listener to drift off into a dream world.

It's really not hard to imagine Fox singing these songs to his children (which he probably does), but the passion he always puts behind his projects always makes his music much more satisfying than the droopy Ron Sexsmith, to whom he is often compared.

Dream Water Rain Music                  Review by John Threlfall  •  Monday Magazine

Rarely do I compare anybody's album to the Beatles, because what are the odds the comparison would be even close - or valid? But there's something unquestionably McCartney-esque about Corwin Fox's "Dream Water Rain Music". Maybe it's his smooth voice or the way he layers his music, but the third solo album by globe-trotting local Fox is well worth a listen...and some serious heavy rotation. While it's easy to compare various of these 13 tracks to established songwriters (the wandering "Petroglyphs", for example, brings Ron Sexsmith to mind, just as the radio-friendly "We're Winning" echoes XTC and "Burden of Love" owes much to Bruce Cockburn), there's no doubt this is a truly unique disc. With lyrics ranging from political to personal and musical styles crossing over from folk to funk, pop, hip hop and electronica - to say nothing of an instrumental mix that includes guitar, fiddle, accordion, trumpet, digeridoo and turntables - it's all nicely pulled together by Fox's incredibly appealing voice. And while such a mix of styles and sounds my seem strange at first, this disc just gets better the more you listen to it. Featuring a fine selection of guest artists including Richard Parry (Arcade Fire), Tobin Frank (Spirit of the West), Wynn Gogol (Harry Manx), and the everpresent Daniel Lapp - Dream Water Rain Music is further proof of the high quality of artists currently residing in our own backyard. Do yourself a favour and pick up this album.

Compassionate Relay                   Review by J.C. Carnahan  •  Impact Press

You've heard not many albums like this one here. Fox meshes a clean folk sound with touches of hip-hop and bass and pulls it off in a refreshing way. Songs of protest, rage and revolution are sung with a fragile voice and a comfortable presence. What he does with this disc is bridge musical elements to fit neatly inside his own all around idea. This fusion of sounds deserves to have their day to shine. There are elements of Elliot Smith and a little Bob Dylan, but this release is all Corwin Fox and best heard from front to back to get the overall vibe of what this guy is about.